• Central power system for installations with centralized supply luminaires

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Spy Center Basic is a Central Power System (CPS) for emergency installations with central supply luminaires.
It is an user-friendly and versatile central unit, without control over the circuits or the luminaires, but able to supply a Maintained (M) output line and Non Maintained (N/M) output line.
  • Wide power range from 1.000 VA to 10.000 VA
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • High peak currents for driving any maintained and non-maintained load
  • Board for signalling status is standard on all versions
  • Ethernet SNMP board available on all versions
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Input supply voltage: mono-phase 230 Vac
  • Output supply voltage: 230 Vac
  • Online double conversion type, intervention time = 0 
  • Different outputs for Maintained (M) and Non Maintained (N/M) load
  • Automatic by-pass in case of fault
  • High overload capacity
  • Input and output breakers standard on all versions
  • EPO (Emergency Power Off) release button is standard on all versions
  • LCD display shows the main info regarding systems status
  • Possibility of connecting a PC via cable for the system monitoring
  • Battery box wheel handling
  • Maintenance-free sealed lead batteries
  • Batteries with life expectancy of 10 years
  • System compliant to European norms: EN 50171, EN 62485-2

The Spy Center Basic central unit must be used in conjunction with luminaires of the Central Battery family.

The system does not allow the control over the circuits or the single luminaires.

Spy Center Basic can also supply regular lighting luminaires. To create an emergency lighting installation with such devices, they must be certified in accordance to EN 60598-2-22.


For further information please contact Linergy technical assistance (+39 0735 597429)


The central power systems of the Spy Center Basic series have two equivalent output lines.
It is therefore possible to drive part of the load in Maintained mode M (supply always on) and the remaining part in a Non Maintained mode N/M (supply is available only in case of black out).
The double output device is available for all Spy Center Basic versions.

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