• Supply and control system for centralized supply luminaires

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Spy Center Evo is an advanced Central Power System (CPS) for emergency lighting installations with central battery luminaires.
It allows to control a whole emergency circuit or each single luminaire in the circuit.
  • Innovative Central Power System with modular and expandible structure
  • New and more intuitive graphic interface
  • Complete programming flexibility for functioning type: M (Maintained), N/M (Non Maintained) and externally switchable via configuration software
  • Possibility to configure each luminaire of each circuit, independently, as M (Maintained) N/M (Non Maintained) or externally switchable
  • Managing and programming by means of TeamViewer
  • User friendly multilingual interface
  • Predisposition for external keyboard and mouse
  • Possibility of communication through integrated MODBUS protocol
  • Wide range of power from 500 W to more than 30 KW
  • Possibility to remote control the power lines directly on the floor and/or fire-proof compartment via the A266 module (4 lines for 20 products per line)
  • Boards and accessories for fire resistance
  • Log book: periodic controls register for quick viewing of the event log
  • Test for the monitoring of the isolation between battery potential and earth
  • The functionality and duration tests are freely programmable

The web platform for configuring and controlling emergency installations based on Linergy centralized systems.

Spy Center Evo come with Linergy Cloud.

  • Input supply voltage: tri-phase 400 Vac or mono-phase 230 Vac
  • Output supply voltage: 216 Vdc (230 Vac with AC supply)
  • No inverter to convert direct current into alternating current
  • The Powerline Communication technology for each circuit make the installation easy and flexible: electrical power and communication bus are shared over the same cables
  • Central unit with touchscreen color display
  • Up to 2560 luminaires can be controlled by using A104
  • Up to 128 (650 W) lines short-circuit protected
  • Integrated web server for remote configuration and control via generic web browser
  • Batteries with a 10-year life declaration
  • System compliant to European norms: EN 50171, EN 62485-2, EN 62034
  • Time intervals between verification tests comply to European norms: EN 50172, UNI 11222

The Spy Center Evo central unit must be used in conjunction with luminaires of the Central Battery or Spy Center family.

Central Battery luminaires: the central unit can monitor and control each line.
Spy Center luminaires: the central unit can monitor and control each luminaire.

Spy Center Evo can also supply regular lighting luminaires. To create an emergency lighting installation with such devices, they must be certified in accordance to EN 60598-2-22.

  • In cases of standard functioning the output is powered in By-Pass by the normal electrical network (230 Vac)
  • In emergency situations the output is powered by the direct voltage of the nominal 216 Vdc battery group
  • No inverter is present between the batteries and the output
  • Possibility of installing the following types of luminaires on the same line: N/M (Non Maintained), M (Maintained) and externally switchable
  • Simple, safe, strong and reliable communication together with power conductors. The central unit communicates the status of the tests and the system programming with the same wires with which it provides electrical energy.

Examples of possible connections that show how the system works. The technical characteristics may vary depending on the model. For further information please contact Linergy technical assistance (+39 0735 597429)

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