• Supply and control system at safety extra-low voltage (SELV) for installations with LED luminaires with centralized supply at 24 Vdc

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Spy Center 24 is an extra-low voltage central power systems (SELV) with control, for emergency installations with central battery LED luminaires at 24Vdc.
It allows to control every single luminaire in each circuit.
  • Complete programming flexibility for functioning type: M (Maintained) and N/M (Non Maintained) via configuration software
  • Possibility to configure each luminaire of each circuit, independently, as M (Maintained) N/M (Non Maintained)
  • Every single device can be turned on/off or dimmed remotely
  • It allows to program each single luminaire in local emergency mode (built-in detection of local black out is available on the predisposed luminaires)
  • Automatic luminaire acquisition
  • User friendly multilingual interface
  • Possibility of communication through integrated MODBUS protocol
  • Log book: periodic controls register for quick viewing of the event log
  • The functionality and duration tests are freely programmable

The web platform for configuring and controlling emergency installations based on Linergy centralized systems.

Spy Center 24 come with Linergy Cloud.

  • Input supply voltage: mono-phase 230 Vac
  • Output supply voltage: 24 Vdc
  • The Powerline Communication technology for each circuit make the installation easy and flexible: electrical power and communication bus are shared over the same cables
  • Central unit with touchscreen color display
  • Maximum overall load capacity: 8 circuits, 160 luminaires
  • Maximum load for each circuit: 60 W, 20 luminaires
  • Lines short-circuit protected
  • 4 inputs at 230 Vac, 8 inputs for clean contact
  • 8 relay outputs (NO/NC) for installation status signalling
  • Ethernet port with TCP/IP protocol for intranet/internet connection
  • Integrated web server for remote configuration and control via generic web browser
  • System compliant to European norms: EN 50171, EN 62485-2, EN 62034
  • Time intervals between verification tests comply to European norms: EN 50172, UNI 11222

The Spy Center 24 central unit must be used in conjunction with luminaires of the Spy Center 24 family.

The central unit can monitor and control each luminaire.

Spy Center 24 can only be used in conjunction with Linergy emergency luminaires of the Spy Center 24 family. It's not possible to drive ordinary lighting devices.

Power capacity Cable section 1,5 mm2 Cable section 2,5 mm2
60 W 60 m 100 m
50 W
73 m
121 m
40 W 91 m 152 m
30 W 121 m 202 m
20 W 182 m 304 m
10 W 365 m 562 m

The maximum voltage drop at full load must not exceed 4V


Examples of possible connections that show how the system works. The technical characteristics may vary depending on the model. For further information please contact Linergy technical assistance (+39 0735 597425)

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