Technical features


Commander manages the Rest Mode status and carries out tests on the luminaire.
On Energy Test models it allow for centralized control of the self-diagnosis functions.

  • In case of mains failure it can remotely turn on or off the emergency luminaires and contro the state of charge

  • After the mains supply has been restored, the lamps return to their normal state so that they will turn on again at the next blackout

  • Used to keep the batteries efficient in those installations where the mains supply is turned off for long periods
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  • With the Energy Test models it can be used for remote testing
  • Rest mode management compliant with standard EN 60598-2-22
  • Max number of luminaires that can be controlled: 120
  • Maximum connection distance: 500 m
  • Installation on DIN guide (4 modules)
  • Battery incorporated
  • Weight 230 g


  • Datasheet
  • LDT Photometric file
  • Installation distance table
  • EU declaration of conformity
  • 2D CAD block 
  • BIM file 
  • Specifications text
  • Installation instructions
  • Download all

Technical drawing

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