• Supply and control system for installations with self contained luminaire and centralized supply luminaires

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Spy Control is a Central Power System (CPS) for emergency installations with central supply and self-contained luminaires.
It allows to control every single luminaire.
  • Wide power range from 1.000 VA to 10.000 VA
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • High peak currents for driving any maintained and non-maintained load
  • Automatic Spy System luminaire acquisition (max luminaires handled: 1280)
  • Very user-friendly graphic interface
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Non-volatile historic memory of the events and tests carried out on the system
  • Possibility to switch ON/OFF and to change the light intensity of maintained luminaires
  • Data exchange with Spy System luminaires on two-wire data buses with safety protocol
  • Built-in web server for system management via internet
  • Possibility of remote connection via modem
  • Possibility to update central unit software

La plataforma web que permite gestionar y visualizar el estado de las instalaciones de emergencia realizadas con los sistemas centralizados Linergy.

El Cloud de Linergy se incluye con los sistemas Spy Control.

  • Input supply voltage: mono-phase 230 Vac
  • Output supply voltage: 230 Vac
  • Three circuits can be configured NM/M via control contacts
  • Online double conversion type, intervention time = 0
  • Clean contact outputs (NO and NC) for remote warning in case of black-out
  • Automatic by-pass in case of fault
  • High overload capacity
  • EPO (Emergency Power Off) release button is standard on all versions
  • LCD display shows the main info regarding systems status
  • Battery box wheel handling
  • Maintenance-free sealed lead batteries
  • Batteries with life expectancy of 10 years
  • System compliant to European norms: EN 50171, EN 62485-2
  • Control system for monitoring emergency lighting installations
  • System compliant to norms EN 50172 and UNI 11222


The Spy Control central unit must be used in conjunction with luminaires of the Spy Control, Spy System or Central Battery family.

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  • Spy Control luminaires: the central unit can powers luminaires and it allows to control every single luminaire


  • Spy System luminaires: the central unit can monitor and control each luminaire (it does't provide power to the luminaires)


    When connected to the Maintained circuit, the supply to the luminaires is controlled by the system. In so doing the luminaires have a double energy source (permanent supply at first and then internal battery), i.e. the emergency installation acquires a safety redundance.


  • Central Battery luminaires: the central unit powers the luminaires (it doesn't control the circuit or the single devices)

Spy Control can also supply regular lighting luminaires. To create an emergency lighting installation with such devices, they must be certified in accordance to EN 60598-2-22.


The central power systems of the Spy Control series have three output lines settable NM/M via control contacts.
It is therefore possible to drive part of the load in Maintained mode M (supply always on) and the remaining part in a Non Maintained mode N/M (supply is available only in case of black out). The double output device is available for all Spy Control versions.

Spy Control controls the efficiency of the emergency system in compliance with EN 50172 and UNI 11222.
The central unit has an Ethernet port with TCP/IP protocol: the standard for all modern technological systems. The station is also equipped with a Web Server for access to all of its functions via internet, using a common browser.
It signals and records any anomalies that the system displays by running two types of periodic tests on the connected emergency luminaires.

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1. Functional test
The general functioning of the luminaire, and in particular the light source, are tested. A negative result indicates that the light source needs to be replaced.
2. Duration test
A shortage of electrical energy is simulated. The luminaire is lit via the Spy Control batteries or by internal battery until it is completely discharged. In this way, it is possible to measure the real autonomy of the emergency luminaire and compare it with nominal. The failure of this test indicates that the battery should be replaced.


The central unit manages a complete event log on non-volatile memory. In addition to the test results, all the events that occur on the system, such as emergency interventions or any inhibitions, are memorized.
The event log can be viewed on the display or printed via printer. By connecting to an on-site PC or remotely via the intranet/internet network, the event log can be accessed and copied onto the PC for subsequent elaborations.


To connect with the Spy Control unit, whether it is PC linked to the central unit via local network or internet, no specific program is necessary.
In fact, the central unit is equipped with a web server that allows access to all the functionalities. With the use of a common browser for Internet (for example, Chrome or Firefox), it works with all operating systems, Windows, Mac or Linux.

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Examples of possible connections that show how the system works. The technical characteristics may vary depending on the model. For further information please contact Linergy technical assistance (+39 0735 597429)

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