Light + Building 2022: Europe's most important Fair of Innovation is about to start

March 2020. Everything was ready for the most awaited and important fair in Europe.
The material for setting up our stand had already arrived in Frankfurt and we were eager to participate, our luggage ready, our hopes high. Then COVID-19 arrived, the whole world froze, everybody's expectations died.
From that moment on, the fair has been rescheduled three more times but always canceled: attemps at normality which were regularly postponed and frustrated.

But today the long, forced pause has ended.
It's time to come back to the International arena.

It's Light + Buiding time!

In spite of all the difficulties of these last periods, we did not stop.

We studied, designed and shaped the most innovative solutions to address the needs of our times, in line with the latest trends.
These solutions are about to be presented to professionals from all over the world, at the most important fair of this sector.

We are delighted at the opportunity to come in contact with experts and develop new partnerships, and we are getting ready for this important event.
The exchange of ideas and feedback from experts motivate us to improve, reflect, and keep our firm at the cutting-edge of innovation.

No virtual-meeting technology, albeit indispensable in these last difficult years, will ever replace the opportunity given by such an important fair of meeting in person our old customers as well as new ones, the direct contact, the interaction in a positive environment.

For us at Linergy, Light + Building in Frankfurt is the right occasion: with innovative solutions we will present our vision of the future.

We wait for you!

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